TFPA has been embarking on the effort to enhance the image and standing of Taiwan's hydraulics and pneumatics manufacturers in the international community!
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  • F.R.L. Units / Solenoid Valves / Pneumatic Cylinders / Slide Cylinders / Accessories
  • Winner, which produces a variety of cartridge valves.
    There are pressure control valves, flow control valves,directional control valves,logic element valves,
    solenoid operated valves and a leading manufacturer in the world.
  • *Ball Valve *Gate Valve *Globe Valve *Check Valve *Pneumatic Actuator *Solenoid Valve
  • *Pressure Control Valves *Flow Control Valves *Directional Control Valves *Modular Valves *Logic Valves *Cartridge Valves *Accessories
  • Unitech hydro - pneumatic co., Ltd. with "unimec" brand distributing in nation and export market, producing hydraulic - pneumatic actuators.Our main products is pneumatic cylinders, guide cylinders. rotary actuators, hydraulic cylinders, electro hydraulic actuators etc
  • Our main products are Logic Valves, Directional Control Valves, Pressure Control Valves, Flow control valves Cartridge Valves, and Others Accessories.
  • JUFAN Industrial Co., Ltd. provides key components for industrial automation, such as hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, vacuum, water hydraulic and hydraulic system. We have been following to the concept of "Quality,Innovation and Service" for many years, and continually collaborated with a variety of prestigious graduate schools in the technical areas and professional research upon the product promotions and researches. After years of efforts, our product reliability and customer satisfaction have been well recognized that we have become a leading brand in hydraulic and pneumatic industry.
  • Fluid Power Transmission & Line Operation Series: Bolting and Sliding Bar, Hydraulic Cylinder Rod and Machine Tie Bar, Axis Category.
  • Air units, Valves, Air cylinders, Rodless cylinders, Rotary cylinders, Hydraulic cylinders, Grippers, Vacuum equipments, Fitting
  • Profile: Golden Asia are proud of offering the best service and quality by using the precise method to ensure quality control. Our products are distributed around the world and we provide for many world-renowned companies.

    Therefore, we obtained the prize "12th Raising Star" and "The Model of Taiwanese Entrepreneur” awarded by the Taiwanese government, which gave recognition of the excellent service and the highest quality of Golden Asia. With the highly remarkable feedback from our international customer; today, Golden Asia is recognized as a leading company in the market of hydraulics.
  • Air Cylinders / Solenoid Valves / Air Units / Other Pneumatic Parts
  • *Hydraulic:Hydraulic Gear Pump, Gear Motor, Salt Water Pump, Flow Divider, Selector Valve, Adjustable Flow Control Valve, Directional Control Valve, Dual Flow Control Valve, In-Line Relief Valve, Cross Over Relief Valve, Proportional Pneumatic Tipping Valve, Wing Type Quick Detached Coupler, 90 Degree Swivel Fitting

    *Pneumatic:Air Regulator, Air Toggle Valve, Air Valves. P.T.O./ Pump Valve, Air Flow Control Valve
  • Fulong Company provides multiple options of processing products aimed at meeting various customer requirements. Therefore customers can choose and configure manufacturing processes at their own disposal, such as electroplating, grinding, high frequency treatment, quenching and tempering, and carbonization , etc.