TFPA has been embarking on the effort to enhance the image and standing of Taiwan's hydraulics and pneumatics manufacturers in the international community!
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AC/DC Hydraulic Power Packs
Cartridge Valves
Solenoid Cartridge Valves


Winner, which produces a variety of cartridge valves.
There are pressure control valves, flow control valves,directional control valves,logic element valves,
solenoid operated valves and a leading manufacturer in the world.
The valves can save space and weight,are easy to install and can be widely applied to industrial,mobiles and integrate circuits.
They are of high quality and 100% tested.

We also accept custom orders.


Cartridge Valves
Including check valves, relief valves, counterbalance valves, directional valves and ... etc.
Electronic 、Proportional Cartridge Valves
Including normal-closed & normal-open poppet solenoid operated valves, spool solenoid operated valves and ... etc.
AC/DC Hydraulic Power Packs
The AC/DC series power packs are designed for a wide range of applications which include: • DC motors from 0.55KW to 3.0 KW as well as DC 12V and DC 24V. • AC motors from 0.25HP to 3.0 HP. • Pump capacity range is from 0.5 cc/rev to 7.3 cc/rev. • Standard tank sizes vary from 0.5L to 8.0L (Custom tanks are also available) • Hydraulic circuit valves can be inter-changed with the standard manifold.